Chemical Products In-Stock

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Chemical Consulting/ Product Formulation

Sierra Chemical provides chemical consultations for our customers at a pre-negotiated prices. We give customers knowledge, ideas and advice on how to formulate and produce particular chemicals and compounds. This has shown to be a great success as we have collaborated with many businesses and entrepreneurs to solve their problems. The range of products we can develop are almost limitless and have been used in many industries.

Some products we have helped develop:

Water treatment chemicals
Non-hazardous chemicals
Soil ammendments
Plant products
Stain removers
Floor cleaners
Corrosion inhibitors


Custom Chemical Blending

Sierra Chemical has a large inventory of chemicals and materials that are stocked on site. We provide our customers with chemical blending services that meet precise specifications and quality standards. Our blending services have proven to be a low-cost alternative for customers looking to outsource chemical blending, reduce uncessary chemical exposure, produce consistent chemical blends, reduce liability and cost!

Quick Facts about our blending:

30,000 square foot mixing and storage facility
Ability to blend, package and ship liquid/dry chemicals
Large stainless steel mixing tanks for any size job
Large dry chemical mixers for compounds


Product Manufacturing / Private Labeling

Sierra Chemical provides chemical blending and also product manufacturing for any customer looking for a way to outsource their products. We can private label your products by mixing your specified ingredients, packaging with your labels and shipping to the destination or store as requested. Our mixing facility employs trained staff that operate a continuous bottling line and packages products in a quality driven environment. Some of our manufactured products have been seen on the shopping channel, Wal-Mart, restoration hardware, etc.


Bulk Chlorine / Chemical Delivery Service

We provide low cost delivery of chlorine to municipal water systems, public pools, water parks, and other entities that require bulk chlorine for water treatment. Moreover, we have multiple delivery vehicles that can handle chlorine deliveries as well as delivery of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals.  


Chlorination Services

We provide chlorination services for customers who want to sanitize their pipes or water systems.